Artist Statement

Julie Schumer Artist

In the Studio

I have been an abstract expressionist painter since age 5. The immediacy and freshness of this style as well as its complexity and boldness has always spoken to me. To this end I paint with acrylic paint in an alla prima style, in a spontaneous and physical way, moving back and forth across the painting surface, making marks that dance across that surface. I start by introducing color, shapes and line, then respond to their development. I move these elements around, adding and removing paint in multiple layers. The work pushes and pulls itself to completion. I have had the good fortune to live in New Mexico for a number of years where the light, sky and general landscape are captivating. My work is inspired by this beauty surrounding me and is a translation of the energy of my environment onto canvas, panel or paper. More recently, my work has focused on my own interior landscape, guided by my intuition and emotion.

The paintings in my figurative series on paper arise organically from the paper, and appear through subtle layers of paint that are applied and partially removed over a heavily textured surface. The textured, layered, ambiguous forms of the figure produces an image that appears to have been uncovered, discovered at an archeological site. The figures mix a feeling of the ancient with the contemporary. The additive and subtractive nature of the process of their creation furthers this quality. The paintings present as abstract shapes, lines and colors that suddenly comprise a recognizable figure or group of figures. They are not necessarily male or female, but rather contain all of humanity