schumer Field of Possibilitiy, 60 X 48, mixed media canvas

Julie Schumer is a contemporary abstract expressionist painter whose works are bold and dynamic
as well as ethereal and mysterious.


Fine Art Prints

These paintings not only feature the bold contrasts of yellow, black and white, but have vigorous and powerful strokes, in contrast to much of my work of the past few years which was somewhat more delicate.  

Winter Light painting by Julie Schumer
Winter Light painting by Julie Schumer

Mood & Mystery

What is mood other than an emotional setting, an atmosphere, a feeling, a sensation? 


Dialogue With Black

Because black absorbs all light, it is a low energy color. Yet when placed against white, the resulting contrast is bold and energizing.

Julie Schumer Inner Tides I

Between Earth And Sky

Recently I have felt the pull back to an inclusion of elements of the physical landscape and begun a series of works exploring the mysteries of what lies between Earth (Nature) and Sky (Soul), and learning to live in that atmospheric, ambiguous space, fully stepping into it. 


Connection Series

Recently I have put down my brushes in favor of more unconventional painting tools such as scrapers, spreaders and knives.  The textural effects add another dimension to the work.

Julie Schumer Embrace, 58 X 46, mixed media canvas
julie schumer Shift in the Winds, 50 X 38, mixed media on paper

Focus On Line:
Works On Paper

Working with line interests me as does incorporating a variety of drawing tools. Lines have infinite variety and purpose and can convey a sense of energy, movement and emotion. They can provide the underlying structure to a painting.

Online Abstract Painting Workshops with Julie Schumer

Julie offers expressive, online abstract painting courses. These courses include pre recorded video lessons and live Zoom Q & A discussion sessions. They are designed for participants to take risks and loosen up while developing and strengthening their abstract painting skills, creative intelligence and their own authentic voice, thus enhancing their art.