Between Earth And Sky

Selected Paintings


Ebb and Flow
60″ X 72″ Mixed Media On Canvas

My work is heavily layered with opaque and transparent paint alternating with drawing media.  This overall effect is to invite the viewer in to the world of both the physical landscape as well as my internal landscape.

A sudden breeze on a mountain lake, and the reflected colors of earth and sky ripple and flow with ever-changing patterns.


Julie Schumer Coastal Rhythms II, 54 X 45, mixed media canvasCoastal Rhythms II
54″ X 45″ Mixed Media On Canvas


schumer Field of Possibilitiy, 60 X 48, mixed media canvasField of Possibility
60″ X 48″ Mixed Media On Canvas

The Field of Possibility is endless and boundless.  Anything is possible.  I tap into it and find my creative well.

I have to take a leap of faith every time I paint, trust my hand and above all, paint intuitively.


julie schumer waters edge abstract paintingAt The Water’s Edge
60″ X 72″ Acrylic On Canvas


High Elevation
36″ X 36″ Mixed Media On Canvas


Storm Watch II
36″ X 36″ Mixed Media On Canvas


Far Horizons
36″ X 36″ Mixed Media On Canvas


Inner Canyon
36″ X 36″ Mixed Media On Canvas


Julie Schumer Lakeside II, 54 X 46, mixed media canvasLakeside II
54″ X 46″ Mixed Media On Canvas


40″ X 40″ Mixed Media On Canvas


julie schumer Soft Landing, 60 X 48, mixed media canvasSoft Landing
60″ X 48″ Mixed Media On Canvas

My gut tells me when a painting is finished.  The rest of my body does too, I feel a complete inner peace.

54″ X 46″ Mixed Media On Canvas


Julie Schumer Between Earth and Sky II, 60 X 72, mixed media on canvasBetween Earth And Sky II
60″ X 72″ Mixed Media On Canvas

My challenge in painting a diptych is to create two paintings that can stand together or alone.

A painter risks it all every time she puts a brush to her canvas.  One must be brave and have faith in the outcome.

Julie Schumer Inner Tides IInner Tides I
46″ X 36″ Mixed Media On Canvas

Between Earth And Sky

I began my painting journey seeking and obtaining inspiration from the physical landscape around me.  Every time I walked out my front door I was enveloped in spectacular beauty so this was an obvious choice.

Later on I turned inward creating works of great emotional depth born of my own internal landscape as a way of more fully revealing myself to the viewer, my Mood and Mystery series.  More recently I have felt the pull back to an inclusion of elements of the physical landscape and begun a series of works exploring the mysteries of what lies between Earth (Nature) and Sky (Soul), and learning to live in that atmospheric, ambiguous space, fully stepping into it.  These works are explorations in this developing series.      

-Julie Schumer

Julie Schumer Dialogue With Black