Connection Series

Selected Paintings

Julie Schumer Gathering, 54 X 44, acrylic on canvas

54″ X 44″ Mixed Media On Canvas

There is nothing more satisfying than dragging buttery paint across a canvas. 

Painting is a way to discover oneself.  We always paint who we are.

Julie Schumer Embrace, 58 X 46, mixed media canvas

58″ X 46″ Mixed Media On Canvas

Joinder of spirits III
46″ X 36″ Mixed Media On Canvas

Recently I have put down my brushes in favor of more unconventional painting tools such as scrapers, spreaders and knives.  The textural effects add another dimension to the work.

I create intuitive composition based on eye flow and the guiding principle of contrasts.

julie schumer Joinder of Spirits II, 46 X 36, mm canvasJoinder of Spirits II
46″ X 36″ Mixed Media On Canvas

julie schumer Joinder of Spirits, 46 X 36, mm canvasJoinder of Spirits I
46″ X 36″ Mixed Media On Canvas

Julie Schumer abstract art Party of Four

Party Of Four
48″ X 60″ Mixed Media On Canvas

Julie Schumer Lifespring 60 X 72, acrylic on canvas

60″ X 72″ Mixed Media On Canvas

Creating a diptych is like putting a puzzle together.  It’s challenging to create both panels so that they make compositional sense whether hung separately or together.  It’s really 3 paintings.  

For several years, my palette was very muted.  Tubes of wild color remained untouched.  For right now, bright color has found its way back into my work.

Julie Schumer abstract art Crowdscape III

Crowdscape III
70″ X 96″ Mixed Media On Canvas

Connection Series

For the past several years, my work has focused almost exclusively on my own interior landscape, plumbing those depths.  The Connection Series steps beyond this concern and, through line, gesture, shape and form along with wild bursts of color, evokes the importance of gatherings in their many forms as a necessity of healthy human existence.  This subject is even more relevant and compelling as a result of our social isolation resulting from the current pandemic, which has taught us the importance of connection.

-Julie Schumer

Julie Schumer large colorful abstract paintings