Meditations With Yellow


It’s not often that I use large quantities of a range of yellow in my work.  Yet somehow, inexplicably, I was drawn to it recently in a way I never had been before.  Perhaps it was acres of bright yellow sunflowers visible everywhere where I live.  Yellow is an energizing and invigorating color, associated with warmth and positivity, rebirth and knowledge, and is arresting when used with black.  Yellow is also the color of the Solar Plexus Chakra, representing vitality and will. An open Solar Plexus chakra empowers a person, helping them to find their inner strength. 

These paintings not only feature the bold contrasts of yellow, black and white, but have vigorous and powerful strokes, in contrast to much of my work of the past few years which was somewhat more delicate.  These new works are about me continuing to awaken to my own power as an artist and communicate that feeling to the outside world as I continue on my creative journey. 

This series of paintings were created on wood panels, a substrate I have not used for the past several years but always loved.  I returned to them for these works as I missed the feel of paint gliding across the smooth surface of wood, laid on with a spreader, Bondo knife or traditional painting knife.  I used acrylic paint with a variety of dry mark making tools.