Focus On Line: Works On Paper

Selected Paintings

Shift In The Winds
50″ X 38″ Mixed Media On Paper

When painting abstractly, one can start with an intention, but in the end, the brush and other materials have the last word.

My gut tells me when a painting is finished.  The rest of my body does too, I feel a complete inner peace.

Uphill by Julie Schumer

50″ X 36.5″ Mixed Media On Paper

Storm Watch
43″ X 42″  Mixed Media On Paper

If I set a definite time limit to a painting session, as I did in Storm Watch, I maintain looseness, keep my intellect out, and my emotions at the forefront.  


Julie Schumer Unseasonably WarmUnseasonably Warm
42″ X 38″ Mixed Media On Paper

Julie Schumer WindsweptWindswept
42″ X 38″ Mixed Media On Paper

Julie Schumer Winter Light IIWinter Light II
42″ X 38″ Mixed Media On Paper

Focus On Line

I like the idea of using restraints in my paintings, for example limiting the palette to black, white and one or two colors. In the face of limitations, my inner narrative becomes more powerful.

Working with line interests me as does incorporating a variety of drawing tools. Lines have infinite variety and purpose and can convey a sense of energy, movement and emotion. They can provide the underlying structure to a painting.

For me the subject of appearing and disappearing lines is of great fascination and one I can explore endlessly, partially obscuring them and then restoring them to the work. Focusing on line, as opposed to shape or some other element, is for me a way to boil things down to their essence.

-Julie Schumer

Julie Schumer Dialogue With Black