Mood And Mystery

Large Contemporary Abstract Art Works by Julie Schumer

Selected Paintings

Shades of Self
50″ X 78″ Mixed Media On Canvas

I love working with a limited palette on a large canvas. It’s perfect for  making a bold, energetic statement.

I start each painting with a feeling; they are ultimately a mirror of my unconscious.

julie schumer Unity 60Unity
60″ X 72″ Mixed Media On Canvas

60″ X 72″ Mixed Media On Canvas

Gateway II
60″ X 72″ Mixed Media On Canvas

When All Else Fails
64″ X 56″ Mixed Media On Canvas

60″ X 72″ Mixed Media On Canvas

Point of View
66″ X 54″ Mixed Media on Canvas

I paint freely until a composition begins to show itself.  Then begins the struggle to stay loose and in the moment yet create a dynamic, bold and interesting piece of art.

Each painting pushes and pulls itself together, layer upon layer, my intuition is my guide

julie schumer Crossing III, 60 X 80, mixed media canvasCrossing III
60″ X 80″ Mixed Media On Canvas

64″ X 54″ Mixed Media On Canvas

A painter must find a way to quiet her self-doubt, for self-doubt will kill creativity.

Recently I have limited my palettes to creamy whites, grays and chromatic black with limited use of only one or two other harmonized colors.  I find this results in a more contemplative painting that a viewer can delve into.

Memory’s Landscape
60″ X 53″ Mixed Media On Canvas

What I Can Remember
70″ X 58″ Mixed Media On Canvas

Modus Operandi
70″ X 58″ Mixed Media On Canvas

julie schumer Evening Light, 72 X 60, mixed media canvasEvening Light
69″ X 58″ Mixed Media On Canvas

I enjoy placing marks over larger shapes of paint to increase the illusion of depth in my paintings.

 Mood And Mystery Abstract Painting Series

The Mood and Mystery series has grown out of the change in direction my art took in 2018, as well as events in my own life, well beyond my control and which compelled and continue to compel a close examination of my interior self rather than simply responding to the physical landscape around me.  The series of paintings is ever evolving.

What is mood other than an emotional setting, an atmosphere, a feeling, a sensation?  Mystery is an enigma, a puzzle, something that cannot be fully understood by using one’s reason.  The series thus emphasizes emotion above all else and is a window in a moment frozen in time to my interior universe.  Once the viewer has accepted my invitation to become emotionally attached to the painting, he or she can receive its message.

-Julie Schumer

Julie Schumer Dialogue With Black