Mood And Mystery

Medium Sized Works

60″ X 48″ Mixed Media On Canvas

I embrace a limited palette. This makes for a more powerful painting.

I often use strong blacks in my work coupled with softly veiled areas symbolizing the many dualities in human nature.

Cloud Cover by Julie SchumerCloud Cover
54″ X 47″ Mixed Media On Canvas

At The Edge
54.5″ X 42″ Mixed Media On Canvas


In The Clearing by Julie SchumerIn The Clearing
54.5″ X 42″ Mixed Media On Canvas


In between by Julie SchumerIn Between
54.5″ X 44″ Mixed Media On Canvas


Couple by Julie SchumerCouple
54″ X 42″ Mixed Media On Canvas

Mood And Mystery

The Mood and Mystery series has grown out of the change in direction my work took in 2018, as well as events in my own life, well beyond my control and which compelled and continue to compel a close examination of my interior self rather than simply responding to the physical landscape around me.  The series is ever evolving. 

What is mood other than an emotional setting, an atmosphere, a feeling, a sensation?  Mystery is an enigma, a puzzle, something that cannot be fully understood by using one’s reason.  The series thus emphasizes emotion above all else and is a window in a moment frozen in time to my interior universe.  Once the viewer has accepted my invitation to become emotionally attached to the work, he or she can receive its message.

These are a few of the paintings I have created in this style. If you would like to see more, please contact me!

-Julie Schumer

Julie Schumer Dialogue With Black