Online Abstract Painting Workshops With Julie Schumer

Build skills, embrace risk, discover and strengthen your unique artistic voice

Dive Into Abstract Painting®:
Exploring Fundamentals Online Workshop

Are you a beginner who doesn’t know where to start creating non-objective paintings? Are you a painter with some experience but you feel stuck in a rut and want to shake things up with new ideas and techniques?

Explore what basic materials to have on hand, setting up your studio, getting and staying loose, finding your artistic voice, and certain of the elements of abstract painting including color value, mark making, composition, creating depth in your work as well as various ways to start and move through a painting to its end. Gain the confidence you need to continue down your creative path.

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Dive Into Abstract Painting®: Exploring Mark Making Online Workshop

Does your work lack excitement? Have you developed your unique painting voice?

Find and develop your own unique expressive marks and painting vocabulary and learn how to use them to elevate your work to bold and daring.

Learn about a variety of painting and drawing tools, both conventional and unconventional with which you can discover your own signature marks and how to effectively use them to create strong work.

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Dive Into Abstract Painting®: Exploring Contrast Online Workshop

 Learn the critical importance of contrast in your paintings and transform your work from pedestrian to bold and dynamic!

Working with color, mark making and shapes, explore ways to infuse and transform your abstract paintings with contrast, exciting you and your viewer’s eye.

Elevate your work to new heights and unlock the secret to creating bold and dynamic art.

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New Mini Course
Dive Into Abstract Painting®:
Painting From Start To Finish

In this two part video program I will walk you through my own painting process, showing you how I start a painting, what I’m thinking when I start as well as my insights along the way, what types of tools I use and how I use them, how I embrace risk and experimentation during the process, how I work through the difficult and sometimes scary middle phase and how I know when I am reaching the finish line, as well as some of the criteria I use to evaluate knowing when my painting is done.

Registration for the course is now available!

Boldly Abstract Online Workshop

Cat Tesla and Julie Schumer teach their iconic “Boldly Absract” course online. Learn from not one, but two seasoned professional artists combining decades of experience into one course!

This course enables artists of all levels to paint abstractly, moving from confusion and fear to clarity and understanding about the principles of abstract design and color theory, to create confident, boldly abstract paintings using water-based media (acrylics).

Clarify your visual abstract style and work in a series. If you don’t know how to start an abstract painting, or what makes an abstract painting strong or how to finish an abstract painting with finesse, then this course is for you! Break old habits and learn new ways of painting BOLD.

LARGER, WILDer, Looser

Explore the Vast Canvas of Your Imagination!

Imagine your art commanding attention on a grand scale. With Larger, Wilder, Looser you’ll not only overcome the fear of the large surface but also master the art of painting large.

Take a deep dive into the world of painting large today! In Larger, Wilder, Looser  Cat Tesla & Julie Schumer cover everything you need to know: why paint large at all, surfaces, setting yourself up, expanding your unique mark making vocabulary to a large surface, using color to evoke emotion in your work, how to create wilder and looser starts, building layers, taking your large painting to the finish line, stretching, shipping, installation and more!

The Business of Art Membership Program

Do you want to improve your business and marketing skills and make more money from your art?

Cat Tesla and I have created the Business of Art Membership program to arm you with the knowledge and skills necessary to be successful in your art business in today’s fast paced and ever-changing art world, as well as help you navigate successfully the inevitable problems and issues that arise that can throw you off track.

Join our vibrant community and learn what you need to know to transform your art career into a success.

The Business of Art 3-Course Suite


The Business of Art Course has been divided into 3 convenient courses:

[1] Deciding to Go Pro: Setting Up Your Art Business

[2] You & Your Work: Tracking Inventory, Branding, Pricing, and Your Website, and

[3] Establishing Multiple Income Streams for Your Art Business.

These courses show artists how to eliminate the chaos and confusion of turning your art into a business and stop feeling like an impostor and more like a valid professional artist by systematically building not only the proper mindset but also a successful business around your art.

Led by Cat Tesla and Julie Schumer, you’ll be learning from two seasoned professional artists combining decades of experience into one course!

If you’ve always wanted to be a professional artist, there’s no better time to invest in yourself than now.